Mis Dos Abuelos Mexican Restaurant
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Tom Prendergast AvatarTom Prendergast
I love this place! Went out to grab a takeout meal and go back to work! This is a pic of my new favorite Bill’s burrito (this one’s mine Bill’s on his own)😀 Fantastic service... read more - 11/23/2023 
Kim Coffey AvatarKim Coffey
- 11/23/2023 
Bruce Haworth AvatarBruce Haworth
- 11/19/2023 
Joe bauers AvatarJoe bauers
- 11/17/2023 
Joshia Graham AvatarJoshia Graham
- 11/04/2023 
Holly Washer AvatarHolly Washer
- 11/04/2023 
Abbie Kemp AvatarAbbie Kemp
- 10/22/2023 
Madison M. AvatarMadison M.
Really good mango margarita and I loved the Pollo Chipotle Don Jose dish! - 10/21/2023 
David D. AvatarDavid D.
5 star rating I have driven past this place more times than I can count. Today I had the opportunity to stop in and check it out. First impression is the dining room is beautiful! I ordered camarones... read more - 10/19/2023 
Corey Plunkett AvatarCorey Plunkett
- 10/11/2023 
Kharysa Seward AvatarKharysa Seward
Parking: Huge parking lot Kid-friendliness: Very large and accommodating menu for kids. Very casual atmosphere - 10/02/2023 
April Parks AvatarApril Parks
Amazing food and the restaurant is unique! We stopped in for lunch while visiting Brown County. We loved it! - 9/30/2023 
Neil Kale AvatarNeil Kale
My bf brought home some leftovers that reminded me of the tamales I had in Houston. I loved it! - 9/27/2023 
Sinjin A. AvatarSinjin A.
5 star rating Was taken here after a camping weekend trip. I got the trio burrito and while the steak and chicken were 4/5, the shrimp, peppers and onions were phenomenal! - 9/26/2023 
Mike Duncan AvatarMike Duncan
- 9/26/2023 
thomas Deglandon Avatarthomas Deglandon
- 9/25/2023 
Brenda Schaefer AvatarBrenda Schaefer
- 9/24/2023 
Bob Donovan AvatarBob Donovan
Very good Mexican food. Very nice atmosphere. - 9/20/2023 
Itzel Luna AvatarItzel Luna
- 9/06/2023 
Robert S. AvatarRobert S.
5 star rating An unexpected treasure! A delightful experience from the moment we arrived. Tasteful decorF with even tastier food. Service was quick, prices incredibly fair, and some of the best salads I've had. - 9/02/2023 
Ryan O'Donnell AvatarRyan O'Donnell
- 9/02/2023 
jody miller Avatarjody miller
- 8/31/2023 
Arlan Pierce AvatarArlan Pierce
- 8/25/2023 
Terra Williams AvatarTerra Williams
- 8/22/2023 
Craig Lutz AvatarCraig Lutz
Good food and good atmosphere. - 8/21/2023 
Ronnie McIntosh AvatarRonnie McIntosh
Best by far... - 8/21/2023 
Matthew Graphman AvatarMatthew Graphman
Taco Tuesday, what's not to love. Don't forget the white cheese. Friendly staff, and the food portion was just right. The ground beef tacos were packed with meat and lettuce. The... read more - 8/17/2023 
Kenny Shingledecker AvatarKenny Shingledecker
- 8/17/2023 
Judith Abbott AvatarJudith Abbott
We had good service, good food and atmosphere. Will go again and know what I'll order next time. Vegetarian options: Good Parking: Parked up front, went right in, and seated promptly. Wheelchair accessibility: It is... read more - 8/15/2023 
Gary Chaplin AvatarGary Chaplin
- 8/15/2023 
Paul Williams AvatarPaul Williams
- 8/15/2023 
Lori Compton AvatarLori Compton
- 8/15/2023 
staticnoise Avatarstaticnoise
Great atmosphere and very accommodating. We had a group of 15 and service was great. - 8/07/2023 
Marty Baham AvatarMarty Baham
Nice sit down restraunt. - 8/06/2023 
Ann M. AvatarAnn M.
5 star rating The food is great and the prices can't be beat. They have amazing drinks and great service. Nice atmosphere and outdoor dining . - 8/01/2023 
Shawnte Woodall AvatarShawnte Woodall
Everything was absolutely fantastic! Even the bathroom was super clean. I would definitely recommend. Vegetarian options: I didn't really pay attention but the menu had a section. Parking: Small town so parking was decent for... read more - 7/31/2023 
Tyler Catron AvatarTyler Catron
Everything was fantastic! Stopped her for lunch while working. Was seated and had my order within 15 minutes of walking in the door. Food is delicious and I am stuffed! - 7/27/2023 
Julie Gookins AvatarJulie Gookins
Awesome food! - 7/20/2023 
Ray Hopkins AvatarRay Hopkins
- 7/18/2023 
TotallyNotHunter AvatarTotallyNotHunter
It is very good, especially their burritos. You can get the large cheese dip and it is fenomonal. The building is awesome and the service is nice. I recommend this dining in. - 7/13/2023 
Chris Pullen AvatarChris Pullen
- 7/10/2023 
Danielle Johnson-Perry AvatarDanielle Johnson-Perry
This place is great . The food is great It's always clean Everyone is always so nice. The food arrives got and fast, but getting seated always takes a minute... - 7/09/2023 
Rusty Harden AvatarRusty Harden
Always has good food. Usally fast and decent pricing - 7/06/2023 
Carrie Beezley AvatarCarrie Beezley
Great place to eat! Everyone is so nice and the food is amazing! - 7/03/2023 
Dale Seward AvatarDale Seward
- 6/23/2023 
Kenneth Reed AvatarKenneth Reed
- 6/21/2023 
Joey Hollis AvatarJoey Hollis
- 6/10/2023 
Timothy Daniels (Timmo) AvatarTimothy Daniels (Timmo)
The Waiter Louis is muy Bonito.. jajajaja - 6/07/2023 
tim helgeson Avatartim helgeson
Food was very good it hit the spot - 6/07/2023 
James Black AvatarJames Black
- 6/04/2023 
Julie A Adams AvatarJulie A Adams
My mother loves going here for lunch after her doctor appointments. - 6/01/2023 
Samuel LaCombe AvatarSamuel LaCombe
- 5/30/2023 
Laura Brzeski AvatarLaura Brzeski
Busy on Friday night, but food was delicious and huge portions.Good salsa and chips. - 5/28/2023 
sandra wagerman Avatarsandra wagerman
- 5/25/2023 
Dave Dresslar AvatarDave Dresslar
Always great! - 5/20/2023 
Gonzalo Salanueva AvatarGonzalo Salanueva
Uno de los mejores restaurantes mexicanos que he visitado en mi viaje por este bonito lapso de tiempo que Díos me ha dado. - 5/16/2023 
Donovan Davis AvatarDonovan Davis
- 5/11/2023 
Freddrick Smith AvatarFreddrick Smith
The atmosphere was that of any other Mexican restaurant. As for food I got the shrimp tacos and they were delicious. When it comes to service our waiter was a little bit grumpy but he... read more - 5/08/2023 
Debbie Hilligoss AvatarDebbie Hilligoss
- 5/04/2023 
indydude06 * Avatarindydude06 *
- 4/28/2023 
william Troll Avatarwilliam Troll
Best Mexican restaurant in the area! - 4/22/2023 
Christina Nail AvatarChristina Nail
I LOVE THIS MEXICAN RESTAURANT!!!! They have so many options & the food is SO GOOD!!! It’s reasonably priced, if u go before 3p it’s cheaper. Order on the lunch menu. Have really good margaritas!!... read more - 4/15/2023 
Michelle Sebastian AvatarMichelle Sebastian
My only real complaint is the cost of soft drinks and sides. I know costs have gone up, but $3 for a soft drink and $4 for a side of guacamole seemed like way too... read more - 4/06/2023 
Jamie Rund AvatarJamie Rund
- 4/05/2023 
Wade Garriet AvatarWade Garriet
- 4/03/2023 
Richard Hiles AvatarRichard Hiles
Great service and the food was excellent!!! - 4/01/2023 
Michelle Devney AvatarMichelle Devney
One of the families best places to eat! - 3/14/2023 
Michael Harper AvatarMichael Harper
Good food, good service. Killer fahitas. - 3/03/2023 
Gary H AvatarGary H
- 3/03/2023 
Vanessa Kenworthy AvatarVanessa Kenworthy
Friendly staff, great ambiance, and never tried anything that I didn't like. Fantastic margaritas as well. - 2/25/2023 
John Bise AvatarJohn Bise
- 2/25/2023 
Laura Dickey Stuart AvatarLaura Dickey Stuart
- 2/25/2023 
Melanie Smith AvatarMelanie Smith
- 2/25/2023 
David Cooney AvatarDavid Cooney
- 2/25/2023 
Chris Lawrence AvatarChris Lawrence
Always an excellent dining experience. Great customer service - 2/18/2023 
Carmen Agnew AvatarCarmen Agnew
Delicious. Authentic . Decent prices. Loved it!! - 2/18/2023 
Nikki Harden AvatarNikki Harden
- 2/18/2023 
Chuck Hayden AvatarChuck Hayden
- 2/18/2023 
Brandy Nicholls AvatarBrandy Nicholls
Food was good, service was great and inviting atmosphere!! - 2/11/2023 
Lora Lewis AvatarLora Lewis
Vegetarian options: The vegetable enchiladas are great. - 2/11/2023 
Meghan Girt AvatarMeghan Girt
- 2/11/2023 
Bryan Kesler AvatarBryan Kesler
- 2/11/2023 
Aaron Breeden AvatarAaron Breeden
Love this place. The food and service is always great !!! - 2/04/2023 
John Kennard AvatarJohn Kennard
Great food an service. Try the shrimp albedo. Wow. - 2/04/2023 
O Zimmer AvatarO Zimmer
- 2/04/2023 
Kyle Spurgeon AvatarKyle Spurgeon
- 2/04/2023 
Todd Taylor AvatarTodd Taylor
I've been to many Mexican restaurants all over the US and this is honestly some of the best I've had!!!! - 1/04/2023 
Joshua Burton AvatarJoshua Burton
Good service wonderful food! nice welcoming restaurant unlike casa in Nashville - 1/04/2023 
Mark Stone AvatarMark Stone
Very good food, service, atmosphere, reasonably priced for portions. - 1/04/2023 
D.W. Everett AvatarD.W. Everett
Just as I thought it would be. Great food and service. - 1/04/2023 
Casey Reimer AvatarCasey Reimer
- 1/04/2023 
Celso Jr. Gutierrez AvatarCelso Jr. Gutierrez
- 1/04/2023 
Anthony Arkanoff AvatarAnthony Arkanoff
A good old fashioned family style Mexican oasis in the middle of rural Indiana! The food has always been delicious, with the servings being way more than one person should really try to consume! The... read more - 12/04/2022 
Kevin Troxel AvatarKevin Troxel
Got right in, food was timely & tasted good. Will go there again! Large portions! Good experience! - 12/04/2022 
Kate May AvatarKate May
great food. friendly people. we go every chance we get! - 12/04/2022 
Terrance Smith AvatarTerrance Smith
Authentic Mexican food. Quick service. - 12/04/2022 
Gutierrez El De Westfield Indiana AvatarGutierrez El De Westfield Indiana
- 12/04/2022 
Jeff Brinkerhoff AvatarJeff Brinkerhoff
- 12/04/2022 
Alicia R. AvatarAlicia R.
5 star rating Every town has a similar restaurant, and the quality varies...this one is great! The service is excellent. Friendly, prompt, capable. Margaritas definitely above par. Party of three, we all ordered something different and... read more - 11/25/2022 
Jeffrey Smith AvatarJeffrey Smith
I have tried several Mexican restaurants around town and Mis Dos ranks as one of the best that I have personally tried out great food and plenty of it I ordered the chicken fajita dinner... read more - 11/04/2022 
Marcus Dugan AvatarMarcus Dugan
I generally only review what I like. Sometimes when you stop at a restaurant in a rural community, you don't know what to expect. This one is very good and would hold its own anywhere.... read more - 11/04/2022 
Ruth Walden AvatarRuth Walden
Been here several times. Definitely recommend!! We have had several different dishes and have never been disappointed. - 11/04/2022 
William Abbott AvatarWilliam Abbott
We stopped in after some trunk or treating was friendly service - 11/04/2022 
Harrison “Hersh” Stepp AvatarHarrison “Hersh” Stepp
Food was very Good the waitress was nice and polite - 11/04/2022 
David Cook AvatarDavid Cook
Incredible margaritas! Burritos Toluca ftw! - 11/04/2022 
Barbara Bessire AvatarBarbara Bessire
Excellent as always. - 11/04/2022 
Eric Villalpando AvatarEric Villalpando
- 11/04/2022 
Kjeld Sorensen AvatarKjeld Sorensen
- 11/04/2022 
sean popplewell Avatarsean popplewell
- 11/04/2022 
emma u. Avataremma u.
5 star rating We are visiting from out of town and this place is like nothing we have at home. The food is AMAZING!!! The chipotle queso is definitely one thing you need to get. The salsa is... read more - 10/13/2022 
tjh780 Avatartjh780
4 star rating Worth a stop Lots of variety on the menu. Good beer and liquor selection. Nice servers and decorated facility . You won’t leave hungry. - 10/10/2022 
Krystal R AvatarKrystal R
I would’ve shared a pic where the plates were full of food but the food was just too good! Best Mexican food I’ve had just about anywhere. Server was excellent, place was clean, and beautifully... read more - 10/04/2022 
Adam and Miranda Senteney AvatarAdam and Miranda Senteney
This restaurant is a family favorite of ours. The food is always delicious and the service is always friendly. Our server Liliana was great. The Quesadilla a la Diabla is delicious, and the Chimichangas are... read more - 10/04/2022 
Metrik 420 AvatarMetrik 420
Great food. Amazing place to grab a bite! Services is in point. Always has the food out in like 10 minutes. Must try. - 10/04/2022 
Maggie Cooper AvatarMaggie Cooper
Had the shrimp and scallops plus beans for lunch. It is so good! It's a #24 on the lunch menu. - 10/04/2022 
Shane Stevenson AvatarShane Stevenson
Truly great people! I enjoy every trip and the fresh guacamole is amazing! - 10/04/2022 
Sydney Millage AvatarSydney Millage
Attractive, welcoming, best canitas quesadilla ever! Good service. - 10/04/2022 
metrik Avatarmetrik
Great food. Fast service. Beautiful place! You got to try it! - 10/04/2022 
C Farmer AvatarC Farmer
Good food. Good people. Haven't had a bad meal yet. - 10/04/2022 
Hilary Tumey AvatarHilary Tumey
- 10/04/2022 
Delores Bowling AvatarDelores Bowling
- 10/04/2022 
Mike Angel AvatarMike Angel
- 10/04/2022 
Kathy Martin AvatarKathy Martin
- 10/04/2022 
Lonnie Lagle AvatarLonnie Lagle
Great service and food was very good. This is becoming to be my favorite Mexican restaurant!! Food is hot, fresh and delicious...and reasonably inexpensive, you need to try!! Parking: Plenty of parking - 9/04/2022 
nisha holland Avatarnisha holland
Always great- fast. Carry out fairly often from this place, always happy with food and service. - 9/04/2022 
Bob Seng AvatarBob Seng
No doubt best Mexican food in tri-cointy area - 9/04/2022 
Justin Wagers AvatarJustin Wagers
Always great food and environment - 9/04/2022 
Willy Bermello AvatarWilly Bermello
- 9/04/2022 
William Newby AvatarWilliam Newby
- 9/04/2022 
Angel Bodenhamer AvatarAngel Bodenhamer
- 9/04/2022 
Shannon Carroll AvatarShannon Carroll
- 9/04/2022 
Redd Tiger AvatarRedd Tiger
Wow, was very impressed by this apparently family chain of restaurants. You definitely get your money’s worth on portion sizes. Had the molcajete. Big enough for two with hungry appetites! - 8/04/2022 
John Van Wagner AvatarJohn Van Wagner
DELICIOUS!!! Kid-friendliness: Saw lots of families there. Parking: Newly blacktop big parking lot. Wheelchair accessibility: One floor. Large entry doors. - 8/04/2022 
Real Rilee AvatarReal Rilee
Great service tonigh Parking: So open never a problem - 8/04/2022 
Dana Mccormick AvatarDana Mccormick
Delicious food! Good service and fabulous drinks! - 8/04/2022 
Erika Smith AvatarErika Smith
Service is great and food is always good. - 8/04/2022 
Miguel Sargent-Rivas AvatarMiguel Sargent-Rivas
Great experience and very good menu - 8/04/2022 
Nancy Miller AvatarNancy Miller
- 8/04/2022 
Chris Stoll AvatarChris Stoll
- 8/04/2022 
Scout Survival AvatarScout Survival
Our first time here. It’s a little out of the way, but the food more then made up for it! The menu is extensive with a wide variety of offerings and beverages. The prices were... read more - 7/04/2022 
Greg Schulte AvatarGreg Schulte
One of my favorite places on the way to Brown County - 7/04/2022 
Michelle Link AvatarMichelle Link
Always amazing food. Great service. - 7/04/2022 
James. Allison AvatarJames. Allison
Great food and service. - 7/04/2022 
Roenna Gregory AvatarRoenna Gregory
Awesome as always - 7/04/2022 
Tammy Brock AvatarTammy Brock
Good food - 7/04/2022 
Boaz Newton AvatarBoaz Newton
- 7/04/2022 
Rick Martin AvatarRick Martin
- 7/04/2022 
Marcus Holland AvatarMarcus Holland
- 7/04/2022 
Susanne Palazzolo AvatarSusanne Palazzolo
- 7/04/2022 
Carrie Storms AvatarCarrie Storms
- 7/04/2022 
Christina Miller AvatarChristina Miller
Pros: Excellent service, food is as described in the extensive menu, warm fresh tortilla chips, clean restraunt, clean restroom, enjoyable environment Cons: No real complaints...just with I would've found an egg/chorizo burrito on the menu.... read more - 6/04/2022 
Jennifer Reed AvatarJennifer Reed
Super busy tonight, food was great, hot and spicy!! Loved it! Great service tonight even as busy as they were!!🎉 - 6/04/2022 
Tina M. AvatarTina M.
4 star rating They food is good the staff is friendly sometimes the service is slow. But with Covid everyone is I think. I love there guacamole. Margarita are on sale in Thursdays. I like mine on the... read more - 5/10/2022 
barb noller Avatarbarb noller
I had the Hawaiian Quesadilla. Outstanding! So delicious. I HIGHLY recommend this establishment. - 5/04/2022 
Diana Renick AvatarDiana Renick
Food was outstanding. The service was great too. Great Chicken Chimichang. - 5/04/2022 
Jennifer McKinley AvatarJennifer McKinley
Our new weekend go-to! - 5/04/2022 
Ron Randels AvatarRon Randels
YUMMY!! - 5/04/2022 
Aubrea Smith AvatarAubrea Smith
- 5/04/2022 
l slaughter Avatarl slaughter
- 5/04/2022 
Chris Taylor AvatarChris Taylor
- 5/04/2022 
Matt AvatarMatt
5 star rating Great food, great flavor. Chicken was crispy but not over done. The Mrs. had the chimichanga and she said it was very good, noting the beans had nice flavor. The only thing that could have... read more - 4/04/2022 
jannypants Avatarjannypants
4 star rating 2022 UPDATE: for is much better now. you should upload your new menu to you website. your new tacos diablas was really good. thank you! OLD REVIEW, 2020 maybe: Eh, food was really... read more - 4/04/2022 
Sharin Austin AvatarSharin Austin
4 star rating First time here. Took awhile for someone to greet & seat us. Chimi was good as well as Cali Steak & Shrimp. Glad we tried this restaurant. - 4/04/2022 
Jalon Baker AvatarJalon Baker
Food is always good and the staff are always friendly - 4/04/2022 
Stephen Shively AvatarStephen Shively
5 star rating Always enjoy the home cooked taste of the food! - 4/04/2022 
Kimberly Rose AvatarKimberly Rose
- 4/04/2022 
Michael Ryan AvatarMichael Ryan
5 star rating - 4/04/2022 
Donna LaMastus AvatarDonna LaMastus
5 star rating - 4/04/2022 
Adriana Middleton AvatarAdriana Middleton
4 star rating The food was actually really good. My parents and I always go past this restaurant on the way to brown county and have never tried it till recently. The queso was very good! It was... read more - 3/04/2022 
Amie Easton AvatarAmie Easton
5 star rating We make the hour drive whenever we can. It's the only place I know of to get Pollo Fundido or chilaquiles. Wait staff are friendly and fast, generally speaking. My only complaint is the very... read more - 3/04/2022 
Jerry Meyers AvatarJerry Meyers
5 star rating Much more elaborate than the location and initial observation would indicate. I was expecting a small mom and pop shop. Much bigger inside than it looks outside. Extensive menu. Generous and tasty portions. The waiter... read more - 3/04/2022 
Christina Roller AvatarChristina Roller
5 star rating Paid $6.99 for a chicken and cheese quesadilla no sides:( we’re talking one tortilla folded in half with only chicken and cheese Update: went back a year later and tried again. Food is still... read more - 3/04/2022 
Jackie Keltner AvatarJackie Keltner
5 star rating The food was AMAZING! We were sat immediately, staff was friendly and helpful, the tables have pretty paintings covering them, restaurant was very clean, and the food was sooo delicious! And the kids menu will... read more - 3/04/2022 
Krissie White AvatarKrissie White
5 star rating Absolutely the best Mexican I have ever had. Clean, friendly, tasty, not at all like a chain restaurant. Owners are authentic, cook to order, custom items, the husband and wife are on site to make... read more - 3/04/2022 
Randy ModdSteller AvatarRandy ModdSteller
5 star rating Very quick stop for lunch everthing was great the gentlemen that served us was vey nice and when it started to rain we asked him to get our ticket because we left tools out on... read more - 3/04/2022 
The Big Bean AvatarThe Big Bean
5 star rating I think it's fine food. Service is good too. It's a pretty run of the mill Mexican restaurant. Probably not anyone's favorite but the location doesn't give much options. Rant aside, give them your business... read more - 3/04/2022 
Donnie Eversole AvatarDonnie Eversole
5 star rating Dinner for a party of 24. 30 minutes before closing. The wait staff did an excellent job. Food was great. Thank you. Can't say enough about this establishment. Should try it if you get the... read more - 3/04/2022 
Toni Gray AvatarToni Gray
4 star rating We revisited this place since they had new owners. the interior was the same but food had improved. Service was good , nothing below standard but not above standard either. Pretty regular Indiana style Mexican food. - 3/04/2022 
Anna Bogue AvatarAnna Bogue
5 star rating By far the best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to. Inside is clean and updated, all staff are exceptionally efficient and friendly, and the food portions big! You have to try the fajita nachos! - 3/04/2022 
George B AvatarGeorge B
5 star rating The waiter was knowledgeable & helpful. He said "trust me, you won't regret it". He was right. The food was delicious. I can't say enough good about my experience. - 3/04/2022 
Jenny Baker AvatarJenny Baker
5 star rating Food was delicious and there were some dishes that were twists on traditional Mexican that were very good, such as the Hawaiian Burrito. - 3/04/2022 
Julia Groves AvatarJulia Groves
5 star rating This is a hidden jewel! The best Mexican restaurant in the states. Fish tacos were like Mexico! Omg if your in this area.... Eat here!!! - 3/04/2022 
Beth Cloud AvatarBeth Cloud
5 star rating Best Mexican food around. We both loved our entrees. Their salsa keeps us coming back. A bit of a drive, but well worth the trip. - 3/04/2022 
Kathy Dallas AvatarKathy Dallas
5 star rating I enjoyed the atmosphere the restaurant and the food was excellent service was great and the company I was with was good too. - 3/04/2022 
Christopher Brand AvatarChristopher Brand
5 star rating Excellent food. Excellent service. If you order a large margarita, be prepared for a LLAARRGGEE margarita... - 3/04/2022 
Drew Roahrig AvatarDrew Roahrig
5 star rating the chimichanga with chipotle queso is incredible.. their carnitas are consistently delicious. great place - 3/04/2022 
Mike AvatarMike
5 star rating Food was really good, food portions are generous. More less came for the drinks which didn't disappoint. - 3/04/2022 
billy hancock Avatarbilly hancock
5 star rating Went there with son and family. Will definitely go back. Only had to wait until a table was cleaned - 3/04/2022 
Shelby Apple AvatarShelby Apple
5 star rating Our waitress was so nice and definitely quick. She was on top of her game! Food was delicious! - 3/04/2022 
Denise Harrington AvatarDenise Harrington
5 star rating Best Mexican food I've ever had! #14 fajitas nachos with steak. Desert was wonderful as well! - 3/04/2022 
Brooke Hannon AvatarBrooke Hannon
5 star rating Beautiful place, fun bar, nice and clean, and awesome service! We come here very often! - 3/04/2022 
john croslow Avatarjohn croslow
5 star rating This is my wife's favorite local Mexican restaurant! Its always fresh and delicious!!! - 3/04/2022 
Michael Herrington AvatarMichael Herrington
5 star rating This place is amazing!! Great service and the food is great. Would highly recommend. - 3/04/2022 
Scott S. AvatarScott S.
5 star rating Good food, great iced tea! Staff is friendly, love the old saloon dining room. - 3/04/2022 
Deanna Siefers AvatarDeanna Siefers
5 star rating The best seafood burrito and cheese sauce. My favorite Mexican restaurant. - 3/04/2022 
Judy Tackitt AvatarJudy Tackitt
5 star rating Always get great food and service. Definitely a favorite place to go! - 3/04/2022 
Indy Greg AvatarIndy Greg
5 star rating Giant portions, so bring your appetite! Or split it with someone - 3/04/2022 
Selena Harper AvatarSelena Harper
5 star rating Amazing food! 👏🏽 staff was very nice! Great family restaurant! - 3/04/2022 
Pam Grillo AvatarPam Grillo
5 star rating Great food. Don't miss this place if heading to Brown County. - 3/04/2022 
Robyn Hammitt AvatarRobyn Hammitt
5 star rating Love this restaurant!! Service and food always exceptional. - 3/04/2022 
Dave Moore AvatarDave Moore
5 star rating Great food always enjoy my visit Taco Tuesday yes yes yes - 3/04/2022 
Christie Nowland AvatarChristie Nowland
4 star rating Prices good good service food good and lots of it - 3/04/2022 
Carlos Santoyo AvatarCarlos Santoyo
5 star rating It’s very close to the real Mexican food flavor. - 3/04/2022 
Deb Baughman AvatarDeb Baughman
4 star rating Lovely restaurant. Kind people and good food. - 3/04/2022 
Randy Shinolt AvatarRandy Shinolt
5 star rating Some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. - 3/04/2022 
Jacquee Henry AvatarJacquee Henry
Mary Starnes AvatarMary Starnes
4 star rating For the price of drink should be 32oz cup. - 3/04/2022 
Erica Bolatto AvatarErica Bolatto
4 star rating Authentic Mexican food, affordable prices. - 3/04/2022 
universalwiz Avataruniversalwiz
5 star rating great portions/ great food/ great service - 3/04/2022 
Midnight “Midnight AKA 266” 266 AvatarMidnight “Midnight AKA 266” 266
4 star rating Amazing service and the food was great 👍 - 3/04/2022 
Steven Schaich AvatarSteven Schaich
4 star rating Best Mex around. Taco Tues $1 - 3/04/2022 
Kati Rainier AvatarKati Rainier
5 star rating Awesome food and service!! - 3/04/2022 
Carrie Knight AvatarCarrie Knight
5 star rating Great food. Great service. - 3/04/2022 
Renee Jump Taylor AvatarRenee Jump Taylor
5 star rating Very tasty! Clean place. - 3/04/2022 
Rev. Nick Holder AvatarRev. Nick Holder
5 star rating Good food, fair pricing - 3/04/2022 
Uriah Stevens AvatarUriah Stevens
4 star rating Good service good food - 3/04/2022 
Breanna Spears AvatarBreanna Spears
4 star rating Delicious every time - 3/04/2022 
Chad Guffey AvatarChad Guffey
4 star rating Great food and staff - 3/04/2022 
Cindy Parson AvatarCindy Parson
5 star rating Good Mexican food! - 3/04/2022 
Meharegzi Abreham AvatarMeharegzi Abreham
5 star rating Wonderful place. - 3/04/2022 
Marilyn Lopez AvatarMarilyn Lopez
5 star rating Delicious food! - 3/04/2022 
Clifton King AvatarClifton King
5 star rating Best Around!! - 3/04/2022 
Leah Newton AvatarLeah Newton
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Margaret Cervantes AvatarMargaret Cervantes
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Chris Untermeyer AvatarChris Untermeyer
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Silas Devaney AvatarSilas Devaney
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Gwen Snyder AvatarGwen Snyder
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Renee AvatarRenee
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Terry Rogers AvatarTerry Rogers
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Colleen Farris AvatarColleen Farris
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Jillian Allen AvatarJillian Allen
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Clipz AvatarClipz
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Chad Pitcock AvatarChad Pitcock
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Tim othy AvatarTim othy
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Amber LaymanDrake AvatarAmber LaymanDrake
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Dianne Johnson AvatarDianne Johnson
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Penny Walker AvatarPenny Walker
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Mike Nestor AvatarMike Nestor
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Ruan Trouw AvatarRuan Trouw
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Kimberli Schaler AvatarKimberli Schaler
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Debra Osborne AvatarDebra Osborne
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Blaine Wright AvatarBlaine Wright
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Margaret Henry AvatarMargaret Henry
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
John Fisher AvatarJohn Fisher
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Mary Gilbert-Lucas AvatarMary Gilbert-Lucas
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Jenna AvatarJenna
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Connie Wesley AvatarConnie Wesley
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Jamie Goodwin AvatarJamie Goodwin
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Angela Sholders AvatarAngela Sholders
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Chadwick Benge AvatarChadwick Benge
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Keith Grinsell AvatarKeith Grinsell
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Megan Brannan AvatarMegan Brannan
4 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Rhys Kenworthy AvatarRhys Kenworthy
5 star rating - 3/04/2022 
Rick A. AvatarRick A.
5 star rating One of the best Mexican restaurants I've ate at (in this price range). Been going a few times a month for several years and love it!Great food and service. Clean facility and good prices. - 3/02/2022 
tarra t. Avatartarra t.
5 star rating I'm from around the area and you can regularly catch me in there for taco Tuesday! Always a good experience, servers are always friendly and help pick out food on the menu if you're unsure.... read more - 2/02/2022 
Detra B. AvatarDetra B.
5 star rating This place is the best around ! Very pretty inside and the food is amazing !!! Love my neighborhood Mexican !!!Food is amazing - 1/20/2022 
Tom H. AvatarTom H.
4 star rating Like other startlingly good reviews, mine will recommend this place.Located on the south side of Morgantown, Mis Dos Abuelos has a good and broad selection of traditional Mexican-American foods, and my sample surprised me-- in... read more - 11/04/2021 
emma u. Avataremma u.
5 star rating We are visiting from out of town and this place is like nothing we have at home. The food is AMAZING!!! The chipotle queso is definitely one thing you need to get. The salsa is... read more - 11/01/2021 
Mark W. AvatarMark W.
5 star rating Omg, this place is amazing. The food is amazing the ambiance is great, the specials and menu is very reasonably priced. Definitely a place to come to. I can't believe this place... read more - 8/24/2021 
Josh F. AvatarJosh F.
5 star rating Literally perfect every time. Can't go wrong with the Arroz Con Pollo or the wet burrito! Queso is to die for! - 2/11/2021 
Hoosiers12 AvatarHoosiers12
5 star rating Very attractively decorated and has big screen TV! The restaurant had been completely redecorated and expanded. It’s quite attractive and very spacious inside. During nice weather there is outside dining. The service is excellent and there are a great selection of drinks and... read more - 12/27/2020 
Christy S. AvatarChristy S.
4 star rating Good portion sizes and good food. Clean and doing what is right during COVID. I recommend. - 12/10/2020 
Karen M. AvatarKaren M.
4 star rating Attention Indy traffic to/from Brown County... our family has driven by this restaurant so many times. We decided to stop by on our way home from Apple Works this afternoon, and I'm so glad... read more - 10/17/2020 
Meganpearson3 AvatarMeganpearson3
5 star rating This place is the BEST!!! This place is the BEST!!! Excellent service every single time guaranteed. Great prices on food and drinks. Impeccable service guaranteed! - 6/22/2020 
Carolyn M. AvatarCarolyn M.
4 star rating Seafood enchiladas were delicious. Ordered from the lunch menu, and wish I had off the dinner menu. It was great, but a 1/3 size of a normal enchilada. Great atmosphere and staff. - 10/27/2019 
Seth C. AvatarSeth C.
4 star rating Just saw that this place had opened recently so went down for dinner. We got there a little after 6 and was seated immediately. The chips and salsa were surprisingly good, with the... read more - 12/02/2018